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Build a Connected Culture

in the age of distance and distraction

Jim Priebe
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Jim Priebe


About this talk

According to a recent research study of 400 HR professionals and 500 employees, 47% of employees feel worried, 24% felt very or fairly lonely, and 51% report they’re struggling with feeling connected to their work. In our increasingly digital world, and in the new hybrid workplace era, fostering meaningful connections has become both a challenge and a necessity. The concept of wellbeing is now being widely acknowledged and accepted. But wellbeing is not just about benefits and individual behavior change, it's about meeting people where they are, enabling their success, and fostering connections.

With employees bombarded by distractions, how employers maintain those connections is a pressing question. What even constitutes a 'connection' in today's world? We’ll explore all of this in our time together, leaning on research and insights gained from the millions of employees connected to their employers and to their wellbeing by Empyrean.


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