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Attract and retain employees.
All in one app.

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We're living in a new employment era.

It has never been more important to connect employees to your brand, your culture, and all the resources you put in place to support them. Bring your employee value proposition to life from recruiting to retirement – all in your custom mobile app.


of employees are overwhelmed by the number of tools and technologies they use and 58% say it decreases their productivity.

HCM Technology

You need to support the entire employee journey. We can help.

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Put All Your Resources in One Place


Personalization at Scale

Relevant Content to the Right Employees

+  By Demographics

+  By Region/Location

+  By Benefit Elections

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Program Push Notifications

+ Push notifications drive engagement

+ Schedule push messages for the year

+ Emergency SMS available

+ Deep link to drive action

+ Personalize messages based on job type, location, and benefit elections.


Employee Onboarding

Automate messages and app experiences to appear & sunset based on date of hire

use case onboarding



Script your ideal Open Enrollment process and then automate messages pre/during/post AE

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Turn Data Insights into Action

Solve Problems.  Drive Action.  Impact Results. Your priorities drive app experiences



Employee retention for those who download the app


Telehealth Increase 

Turn Data Insights
into Action

Solve Problems.  Drive Action.  Impact Results. Your priorities drive app experiences.

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renown app
  • Sharing important company updates, benefits information, and staying connected is now easier than ever! We saw a 40% reduction in turnover due to higher employee engagement with the app along with greater employee satisfaction and utilization of benefits.
    Nick Porter
    Former VP of HR
  • I’ve been doing benefits for over 20 years and I’ve never used a better source than Connect. We love the app - remember back in the old days how many calls we would get? One of the best things I’ve seen for benefits.
    Ann Marie Mayhew
    Senior HR Analyst
  • The Renown Life app is a vital tool for all things related to an employee’s work life and has become a key component in enabling employees to live their fullest and most healthy lives.
    Renown Health


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