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While benefits are essential to your culture, managing them is complex. Let us show you how to streamline this function and enhance employee satisfaction. 

You can foster a people-centric culture and drive healthier, happier outcomes throughout the year with Empyrean’s combination of innovative technology and service-first approach. 


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Empyrean is Trusted Across All Industries

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innovative technology


a service-first approach


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to connect your people to life-enriching benefits year-round.

The Empyrean Advantage

  • Effective benefits management: Empyrean improves visibility and streamlines your benefit administration functions, reducing errors and improving your employee experience. 
  • Flexible solutions: Our technology and services are adaptable for your unique benefits ecosystem, we provide a tailored approach to solve long-term needs. 
  • Extend your team: Our service-first approach sets us apart. Your Day One Team strategically aligns with your business, providing industry-leading knowledge and expertise and support.
  • Improve benefits utilization: Empyrean provides innovative tools and technologies to accelerate your benefits strategy and increase engagement with uniquely personalized experiences for employees. 
  • Compliance assurance: We keep you current with the latest regulations and satisfy compliance requirements, giving you peace of mind. 
  • Elevate company culture: Scale your impact and empower your workforce with a unified interface for all employee tools and communications — all branded to you. Connect with your people wherever they are to improve productivity, wellbeing, and retention.


A Robust Solution to Optimize Benefits Processes and Gain Actionable Insights

Empyrean’s Ben Admin technology delivers more than just analytics and process improvements. It’s about easing the burdens on your HR team, empowering them with real-time data, and creating exceptional employee experiences when people need benefits the most. You get robust solutions that span communications, benefits selection and ongoing engagement, reporting, and back-end compliance — plus all the important details in between.

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You’re the Priority at Empyrean

Our commitment to you starts with the appointment of your Day One team, a group personally invested in helping you deliver your HR and benefit goals. You’ll receive expert configuration, robust testing, best practice solutions, and responsive support for your employees that continuously evolves to meet the demands of your business. 


Empower Your People with a Personalized Benefits Experience

Create an impactful experience that empowers your employees to choose and use their benefits. Precision Benefits is our AI-enabled technology that gives employees personalized recommendations and cost evaluations based on their unique situation, benefits history, and health data. Clients achieve unmatched results across utilization and engagement with Precision Benefits.


Our Clients’ Experience

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“I thoroughly enjoy working with our Empyrean Team. They are responsive, caring, and always want to do the best work possible.”

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